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Commissioning 101

Commissioning 101

Learn about the commissioning process - from the beginning. Become part of global network for commissioning professionals.

Free learning material and information about the commissioning process

What is commissioning
Learn the basics about commissioning and how it can help you, your company and your projects. Get a clear overview of the commissioning process.
Cx Abbrevations
Become comfortable with the different abbrevations used in the commissioning process. Learn all of them here.
The book about Cx
The book about the Commissioning Process is a guide to the commissioning process. It's free for CxPlanner users.

Learning material:

General information

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Commissioning activitites

Commissioning industries

A network for commissioning professionals around the world

Become part of a global network for commissioning professionals. Get access to a network of commissioning experts and share your knowledge with others.
We will help you to enhance your knowledge and skills in the commissioning process.
Be on top of the latest knowledge and trends in the commissioning industry. How to use Artifical Intelligence (AI), new Building Management System tests, and much more.

Sign up and become part of the Cx network and upgrade your skills