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The book about how to
perform commissioning

No. 1 book about how to perform the commissioning process with practical examples and explanations. Get your own copy when you sign up to CxPlanner.
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The book about commissioning

Practical guide with best practices and tips and tricks from real projects

Usable examples

The examples in the book are based on real projects and are usable in your own projects. The book is written by real Cx-professionals.

Education and training

The book is used as a textbook in education and training of commissioning professionals at many universities, certifications and companies.


Each section in the book has direct references to standards and guidelines from ASHRAE to help you become 100% compliant.

Detailed descriptions of all the steps in the commissioning process

Illustration of commissioning activities and the workload

What can you read about in this commissioning book

This books primary purpose is to provide guidance on how to carry out the activities of the commissioning process.
The methods and tools described ensure that all commissioning activities described in the American Guideline, ASHRAE Guideline 0-2019, the American Standard for commissioning, ASHRAE Standard 202-2018, and the Danish Standard for commissioning, DS 3090-2014, are performed.
The guide also contains descriptions of commissioning tools that are based on experience from Copenhagen Airport's in-house commissioning process, as well as tools that are used in the Danish construction industry but are not included in standards and guidelines.

How to use the book in a commissioning process

In addition to being a guide to commissioning, it is also useful as a control tool.
The guide is therefore structured so that the sections can be used to determine commissioning services when entering into agreements with both the Design Team and the Contractor, as well as the commissioning provider.
However, the guide cannot stand alone as a contract or agreement document, as the requirements and scope of the sections must be adapted to the current project.

Expanding the knowledge of commissioning

There is still uncertainty in the construction industry as to how the individual commissioning activities are to be carried out.
Consequently, commissioning processes are carried out that do not comply with the requirements of ASHRAE Guideline 0, ASHRAE Standard 202 and DS 3090, and in some cases the Cx tools are also incorrectly used, so that the full benefits of the Cx process are not achieved.
This practical guide describes how to handle the individual commissioning activities and related documents in order to contribute to the development and standardization of the commissioning process.
There is a limited amount of documentation about how to perform the activities within the commissioning process. It can, therefore, be difficult to be educated or trained in commissioning.
For this reason, another aim of the guide is to attract more people to take an interest in commissioning in practice.

Book reviews from the commissioning community

Adam Muggleton
Global Director Commissioning at AESG

Ole Teisen februar

Commissioning Energy Bundle No. 1 in the Kingdom of Denmark, Thomas Toftgaard Jarløv, has commissioned a handbook on the Commissioning process for buildings, and it is good!

There are descriptions for all stakeholders, whether you are a builder, investor, operator, contractor, project architect or engineer, then there is an overview of your role in the Commissioning process, from contract writing, over scrutiny and testing to user training and documentation. The book relates Commissioning to the new phase divisions with tender project and execution project as well as the new agreement documents, ABR18, YBB19 and others.

Few have as much experience with Commissioning as Thomas, and in this book he generously shares everything he has put together, not least during 4½ years at the helm of Commissioning at one of Denmark's largest builders, Copenhagen Airports.

In addition to writing books and handling Commissioning at both strategic and operational levels at the airport, Thomas has developed a software portal, CxPlanner, to handle the Commissioning process.

I do not know how Thomas overcomes all this, but it is no wonder that this particular book is full of tips and tricks for #Commissioning and is written with an infectious commitment and interest in the noble art.

John Penny
Commissioning, QCxP, Project Development

Review i Ecolibrium, AIRAH, Australien

Airah is an Australian association that represents professionals and engineers working in the HVAC and the construction industry.

John Penny, M.AIRAH, has written in the Australian trade magazine for engineers, Ecolibrium, a longer book review of a guide to commissioning in practice.

The review indicates that the book " .. is an excellent practical reference tool. " with a special focus on the practical tools and tools that can be used directly.

The full review of the book can be obtained through Ecolibrium.

Review by John Penny i Ecolibrium

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