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The commissioning log (Cx Log)

The commissioning log (Cx Log)

The Cx Log is the management tool used to document, monitor and pursue observations made in the Cx process.


The Cx Log is the management tool used to document, monitor and pursue observations made in the Cx process. The document is used throughout all phases of the project and constitutes the Cx Team's primary communication and follow-up document.

The Cx Log will be established in the Pre-Design phase by the Cx Provider, who will be responsible for it throughout the project. All parties in the project must have access to the Cx Log and all participants in the Cx Team must be able to enter information into it. However, the log must be structured in such a way that it is not possible to delete/remove data in it without the approval of the Cx Provider.

How to format and build the Cx Log

The items in the Cx Log must contain, as a minimum:

  1. Unique ID number (e.g. 1, 2, 3).
  2. Date of creation.
  3. Name of creator.
  4. Description of the observation.
  5. Responsible party for carrying out the next action (e.g. clarification, rectification, response, control).
  6. Field where dialogue, comments and status can be documented.

The format must allow for a traceable history so that it is clear at all times who has made a change to a log item. It must also be possible to see all previous comments and who wrote them.

Working with and tracking the log-items

The Cx Provider must continuously ensure that the items in the Cx Log are updated with the status and decisions from the project. This includes, among other things, that the log must be updated with input from construction meetings, Cx meetings and steering group meetings which have an impact on the items in the log.

It is important that only information that is of direct relevance to the Cx Team is inserted, as the Cx Log is not to be used as a meeting record.

All participants in the Cx Team must contribute with information to the Cx Log within their respective disciplines and knowledge areas. The Cx Provider will have specified in the Cx Plan a meeting sequence and structure in which all items in the Cx Log are reviewed.

An operational document - the ultimate coordination tool

The Cx Log should be an integral part of all activities in which the Cx Team participates.

The structure of the Cx Log must be flexible enough to include documentation from other Cx Activities such as the site inspections, discussion topics, review comments, test results, etc

At CxPlanner this is a crucial part - on our own projects the Cx Log is the main tool for coordination and communication between the Cx Team and the project team.

Therefore, our Cx Log is fully customizable and can be used with various views. The Cx Log can be used as a simple list of items, but it can also be used as a dashboard, LEAN Kanban views, Gantt-charts etc.

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