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Test overview

Test overview

The Test overview is an extended list of plant, which keeps track of the individual installations and systems progress through the project. The Test overview is not a document or tool described in ASHRAE but it is a tool that is used by many commissioning teams.

Using the Test overview

As there are no requirements or guidelines for the use of the Test overview, this section is based on our own experiences from many different projects.

One of the things that distinguishes the Test overview from the Cx Log is that it is built up over the individual plant items in the building. This means that you always have a concrete overview of each plant item, and that any challenges and obstacles are directly linked to it. By looking at it per item rather than per component, the Cx organization will have to relate to the item as a whole

Preparation of the Test overview

The Design Team must prepare the first version of the Test overview, which contains an overview of all plants included in the project. In this form, the Test overview will primarily constitute an asset list.

When the Test overview is handed in as part of the Construction Documents, the responsibility for the document is transferred to the Cx Provider. Thereafter, the Cx Provider will be responsible for updating and managing the information in the document

Structure of the Test overview

You can structure your Test overview in many different ways. The most common ways are described in the video below which also includes pros and cons.

Scheduling tests in the Test overview

The Test overview can also serve as an overall test schedule. Next to each plant item, dates are given in their corresponding fields (for example for pre-test), which together with the outstanding fields gives a picture of when a test can be performed.

When using CxPlanner to manage your Test overview a Gannt chart is automatically generated, which gives a clear overview of the time schedule and project progress.

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