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Ultimate commissioning
testing and overview of
systems and equipment

The system and test view gives you a superior overview of all systems and equipment on the project with real-time insights.
Planning and scheduling of construction projects and processes.
Manage all assets and equipment
with planning and testing
Planning and scheduling of equipment and testing.

Automate your commissioning testing and planning.

The System & Test view is the industry-leading method for managing all equipment and testing.

Simply add the overview or import an Excel file, and you will be ready to manage all testing effortlessly.

Always stay informed about the progress, whether it is the subcontractor or the Cx-team performing the tests.

Unlimited equipment
Customized overview
Progress reporting
Save time and optimize
Superior overview
Construction site.

Fit for purpose. Manage all kinds of commissioning projects.

It doesn't matter whether it is a simple small project or a large complex project - the overview automatically adapts to both.

Never struggle with following up or trying to find punch list items again; everything is managed for you.

Test plans for all
industries and installations

Managing all tests on a data center with a commissioning process.
Try it and take your company into the future of Cx testing

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