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Planning and
Commissioning of

mechanical installations

Easy and flexible planning and testing of mechanical installations are essential for a successful project. The practical workflows in CxPlanner enable everyone to achieve this goal!
Mechanical installations with pipelines going into testing phase.
Save more than 50% by using CxPlanner

Research thesis evaluation commissioning solutions for verification. Savings in time showed a +50% increase, with additional benefits such as standardization and improved quality.
Read the full research article with a comparative analysis of commissioning software.

Research thesis evaluation commissioning solutions for verification

Track and plan all tests. Whether it's the V-model, FAT, SAT, SIT or IST.

CxPlanner's test and planning overview is built on flexible principles allowing you to plan and track all your tests.

We can easily convert your existing Excel checklists into efficient and modern tools with just a few clicks.

And you decide the structure of the tests. Whether it's the V-validation model, FAT, SAT, SIT or IST.

Process and project planning with testing activities of mechanical installations.
Worker working with tools.
Convert your Excel files to an efficient testing and Cx process

Testing and planning is an integral part of every mechanical installation, but it often consumes a significant amount of time.

With CxPlanner's platform, you can easily convert your existing Excel checklists into efficient and modern tools with just a few clicks. We support the V-model, FAT, SAT, SIT, IST and many more.

Save time during process with smart Project planning and utilize it as a competitive advantage for improved performance.

CxPlanner used on multiple different devices with project planning.

Practical planning and testing

Practical tool
for everyone

CxPlanner is designed with practical design and workflows to ensure, that everyone in your company can use it.

Better quality as
an advantage

Improve the overall quality of all your works and projects with checklists and documentation.

Confidence and

Always have a full overview of everything happening and prevent delays. Get detailed analytics during the project.


Always be on time and able to deliver all the documentation the client needs with just a couple of clicks.
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