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for construction

Commissioning is an essential part of any construction project to avoid issues. Using the best commissioning software ensures better projects.
Commissioning construction site where CxPlanner is used.
The Building Commissioning Process
with time-saving tools

Manage all commissioning activities on construction projects

CxPlanner is the fastest commissioning software solution on the market. It is fast to learn in your team, and it is super fast to use in the field.

Whether you are performing LEED-oriented commissioning or owner-requested commissioning, CxPlanner is capable of handling it!

Our flexible platform allows CxPlanner to automatically adjust and adapt to your project's specific needs, regardless of its size or complexity.

System and test view with multiple installations in a test plan.
A construction site where commissioning is being used.
Run your commissioning like a professional

CxPlanner offers a performance advantage and eliminates the need for Excel spreadsheets and pen & paper.

There is no longer a requirement for manual editing of test results in reports; CxPlanner handles it instantly.

With CxPlanner, you can provide confidence to the project by ensuring that your commissioning team is always aware of what is happening and effectively tracking all commissioning-related work.

Commissioning for constructions

Fits to all of you

CxPlanner fits to any project size - whether it is a small project or large complex constructions.

Professional reports
and insights

There is no need for manually creating test reports anymore. All that is done by CxPlanner.

Confidence and

Provide confidence to your client that you are on top of the process with a specialized tool.

Checklist with
detailed features

Gone are the needs for multiple spreadsheets - every test and their requirements is in CxPlanner.
See how you can structure your commissioning process in CxPlanner

Book a meeting with Thomas T. Jarloev certified commmissioning expert and author to the book about commissioning to see how CxPlanner can help you.

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Thomas T. Jarloev commissioning expert and founder of CxPlanner