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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is an important element for us at CxPlanner. We want as part of our work to contribute to the local community.

CxPlanner is an active supporter of Red Barnet, Team Fog Næstved and the initiative Songs for the elderly.

Red Barnet

Save the Children is Denmark's largest child rights organization that is fighting for a world that respects the rights of children as well as for creating sustainable improvements in the lives of children and young people.

Save the Children is a member of the world's largest independent child rights organization, Save the Children, and works in Denmark and more than 120 other countries, where they fight for children's rights.

Songs for the elderly

Songs for the elderly is an initiative started in Næstved as a result of the corona crisis, which has been severe in the elderly. Several of the residents can do not leave the care centers, therefore some of the concerts are coming now as well out to them!

The concept theme is "Den Danske Sang" with a focus on offering free experiences / concerts for the elderly who do not otherwise have the opportunity to get out and experience these.