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Integrate drawings
with punch lists and

Include the drawings and schematic and integrate them into the punch list. Annotate the exact location or issue and resolve it together.
Commissioning construction site where CxPlanner is used.
Use drawings and schematics
directly in the punch list
Digital document management with annotation and punchlist.

Find issues. Annotate directly.
Collaborate and resolve.

All users have access to the latest version of all documents, whether they are project documents or submittals.

Everyone can then easily highlight issues with annotations and start collaborating on fixing the issues.

The annotations are then automatically included in the punch list and statistics to automate reporting.

Identify potential errors and engage in discussions directly on the drawing.

A modern approach to
drawings and submittals

The design documents are an essential part of the project. If these documents have issues, then the project will inherit them.

The Review & Annotation module in CxPlanner allows you to quickly pinpoint issues and collaborate to resolve them.

At the end of the project, all As-Built and submittals can also be easily checked.

Easily keep track of files
and perform markups
File management and markups in documents
How it works

Upload documents
and drawings

Upload the projects documents and drawings with 1 click. New versions will automatically update existing files.

Review documents
and annotate

Use the detailed in-browser viewer to scrutinize and review all documents and add annotations.

Assign issues
and collaborate

Assign issues to the responsible person and collaborate in finding and resolving the issue.

Automate your
punch list

If there are any outstanding issues then you can automatically include those in the global punch list.
See how the review and annotation works on a project

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