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Structure & Planning

CxPlanner lets you plan all the activities in your project and their dependencies.

Our integrated Gantt-module enables you to continuously monitor the progress of the project activities and schedule the project with the right resources.

The Gantt-module includes scheduling of tasks, internal dependencies (FS, SS, FF, SF), online updating and resource management of the individual persons on the project.

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3D BIM viewer

All users on CxPlanner have full free access to our optimized 3D BIM viewer.

Use the advanced 3D-tools to navigate and manage your 3D-model. Walk around in the model with FPS POV, clip the model, combine multiple models, etc.

The 3D BIM viewer is also optimized for mobile usage. Our algorithm optimizes the model, so we can reduce the transfer size with up to 95%.

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Task management

Manage and plan all the tasks in the project online. Add and edit tasks with only a few clicks.

The task-module works both online and offline. If you loose your network connect then it is still possible to add tasks and pictures.

All changes are saved in CxPlanner cloud so there are a safe and valid history.

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Project web

Upload all the files on the project, manage the individual versions and the access to the files.

CxPlanner manages all the versions of the files in an intuitive way to ensure, that you always has access to your files.

The files-module also provides tools for online review, snagging and annotations. All the comments are synchronized with the task-module.

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Manage all your tasks

Real-time updating

There is real-time updating of all tasks, test results, review comments etc. across the whole platform.

Mark tasks on PDF documents of construction plans, drawings or use Google maps with specific coordinates. You can attach pictures from your phone or add system documentation.

A strict traceability is available for each task. Each time a task is changed, the changes are saved in the logging system. Besides that all parties on the project can chat.

Manage all you tasks in real-time across devices

Integrate drawings

Upload your project documentation, drawings and test results and combine them with your tasks.

Navigate around on the project drawings and mark the precise location of where the tasks are located.

Include TAB reports and mark the exact location, where the %-deviation is not in compliance with the requirements.

Integrate all you documents, blueprints, drawings with the task management system.

GPS overview

Are you missing the drawings? Don't worry, you can use GPS coordinates instead.

Open a task and navigate around in a interactive map, where you can map the exact location.

Combine a freetext location field with both the location on PDF documents and GPS coordinates.

Tasks can have many details, e.g. use GPS coordinates.


CxPlanner includes several modules that optimize the workflows on construction projects.

Hear when founder Thomas T. Jarløv gives a review of the commissioning module in the video. The video shows how the commissioning module can be used on a construction project.

In addition to the commissioning module, there are also modules that integrate the contractor's quality assurance, the consultant's site inspection plans, navigation in 3D models and many more.

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Test paradigms

Test is an essential part of the commissioning process. Test paradigms are therefore always available with only a few click. Use one of the 50 test-templates or create your own paradigms or templates.

Valid and traceable logging - manage exactly which test items there are approved and which one there are failed.

Export or print your test reports to Excel and PDF.

Use test paradigms for all kinds of test on all devices.
CxPlanner on a mobile device

Always online

CxPlanner is cloud-based, you can always track what happens on the project.

Offline and Online

If you are in an area without internet coverage, CxPlanner saves your data on your mobile and uploads it to the platform when you have internet again.

All devices

CxPlanner is always by your side - the design supports computers, tablets and mobile devices.

All devices can use CxPlanner. It therefore does not matter if you have an Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows mobile.

App for iPhone & Android

Download our app for both iPhone and Android:

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