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CxPlanner manages your commissioning projects in one place.

Commissioning. Time schedule. Inspections. Punch lists. Quality assurance. Everything is gathered in one place. Handle all tasks and problems on the project easily on mobile and computer.
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Planning & Management

Manage all parts of your processes
Save time and get better quality, by going from and other platforms to CxPlanner
Moderne tidsplan i CxPlanner
Gammel Excel tidsplan
Image dragger

Avoid double work. Faster punch lists and commissioning directly from the mobile.

Avoid having to upload images and paste them into Word. With CxPlanner, you can easily and quickly perform inspections and punch lists directly on your mobile and tablet on the construction site.
Take pictures directly in the punch list, or mark on a floor plan exactly where the registration is made.
Moderne tidsplan i CxPlanner
Moderne tidsplan i CxPlanner

Meet your deadlines. Handle drawings and deficiencies.

You can easily manage thousands of drawings in different versions, and you always have control over whether the defect review has been completed.
Smart notifications ensure that everyone is reminded of their deadline so that the tasks are solved.

See what our users are saying about CxPlanner

CxPlanner is used by owners, consultants, contractors and many more.
Christian Beck fra ATcon A/S
Christian Beck, ATcon A/S
”The file management part makes it suddenly easy and traceable to see if our contractors have followed up on drawings and acquired the latest knowledge, that is as essential when building dynamically as many construction sites do today.”
Rasmus Bjerregaard fra CH System A/S
Rasmus Bjerregaard, CH System A/S
"CxPlanner is the perfect commissioning tool for testing technically complex systems and for generating the necessary related documentation."
Jesper Krog fra Gaihede A/S
Jesper Krog, Gaihede A/S
"We have entered into a partnership with CxPlanner, as their tools are practical and ensure easy, efficient processes."
Frederik Nygaard fra Nygaard A/S
Frederik Nygaard, Nygaard A/S
"Digital tools need to be easy - and that's CxPlanner. We run a lot of projects, so the price of a digital platform is important, and this is where CxPlanner hits the spot."

All modules included. You never have to buy extra.

See a selection of our tools below. You can easily enable and disable the individual tools for your projects.
  • Project management
    You do not have to create PDF files of the schedule - everyone has access to the current one.
    Partial delivery, site inspections and commissioning can easily be communicated from the front page of the project.
    Meeting minutes can be kept together in one place on the project, and there can be several at the same time who write in them.
    Gantt schedules
    Project milestones for deadlines
    Meeting minutes in one place
    Notifications for important dates
  • Drawings and inspections
    Easy and intuitive supervision on the construction site. With a few clicks, you have an inspection report with a picture and floor plans.
    File management made easy. You easily upload drawings and descriptions.
    Perform detailed scrutinizing and review of documents.
    Punch lists on mobile og tablets
    Inspection checklists and templates
    File management with versions
    Review of files in the browser
  • Quality Assurance
    Save time with our smart quality assurance schedules.
    Carry out your quality assurance of building parts, constructions and installations and continuously monitor the progress.
    Quality Assurance made quick
    Function test with templates
    Punch lists for all building parts
    Personal overview for each user
  • Commissioning
    Get help performing commissioning. All activities for the commissioning process are available.
    Make sure that the technical commissioning and commissioning proceeds easily and correctly.
    Use our commissioning chat hotline, where we are ready to help.
    Test paradigms for all test
    Test overview for a full overview
    Cx-krav with history
    Basis of Design and other Cx-tools

No hidden fees. The entire toolbox is included and you get unlimited number of users.

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