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CxPlanner used on multiple different devices.

World leading
and Quality

- helps professionals across industries
comply with every commissioning quality-standard.

Track your Commissioning Processes
with detailed analytics

Commissioning analytics

Run your Commissioning
like a professional

The industry's leading commissioning software platform for modern building professionals.

Manage every aspect of testing and validation with specialized tools in a super fast platform.

A platform built by commissioning professionals and used all over the world.

Mockup of CxPlanner used on an iPhone
CxPlanner used on multiple different devices.

How it feels
Super fast.

Goodbye Excel.
Hello Commissioning.

The requirements for management, control, test and documentation in construction are on the rise - and this development will persist without end.

Companies using legacy solutions such as Excel and "Pen & Paper" cannot ensure the safety and operational readiness of projects anymore. A modern commissioning software is a necessarity.

Use AI-engine to generate commissioning tests.

How it works.

CxPlanner is built on a strong foundation by industry experts, so we know the importance of getting everything up and running in no-time.

You can easily import any spreadsheet into CxPlanner, and be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Modern commissioning software with intuitive interface for the professionals.

Create project
Execute Checklist
Monitor Progress
Complete Punch-list
Seamless Handover

Become part of CxPlanner

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Customer Statements

Rasmus Bjerregaard fra CH System A/S

CxPlanner is the perfect commissioning tool for testing technically complex systems and for generating the necessary related documentation.

- Rasmus Bjerregaard, CH System A/S

Christian Beck fra ATcon A/S

The file management part makes it suddenly easy and traceable to see if our contractors have followed up on drawings and acquired the latest knowledge, that is as essential when building dynamically as many construction sites do today.

- Christian Beck, ATcon A/S

Jesper Krog fra Gaihede A/S

We have entered into a partnership with CxPlanner, as their tools are practical and ensure easy, efficient processes.

- Jesper Krog, Gaihede A/S

Frederik Nygaard fra Nygaard A/S

Digital tools need to be easy - and that's CxPlanner. We run a lot of projects, so the price of a digital platform is important, and this is where CxPlanner hits the spot.

- Frederik Nygaard, Nygaard A/S

Step into the future of quality
processes today