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Hit the ground
running with your

Template Center

Your company's own Template Center allows you to streamline and collaborate on tools. Save time by reusing test scripts across projects.
Commissioning construction site where CxPlanner is used.

Access your own
template center

Template center commissioning checklists

You only need to do it once.
Create your own or select from over +150 specialized checklists

Your Template Center gives you a performance advantage on your new projects. Our commissioning software lets you hit the ground running with your predefined tools!

You can always save checklist or a test plan in the Template Center and share it with your colleagues.

With the Template Center you can streamline and customize your own internal database, which can be used across projects. See our case study for moving from Excel to CxPlanner.

Create your template center
Reuse across projects and clients
Standardize your processes
Commissioning template with integrations to Excel spreadsheets, AI-engine, and more.
Build your own template center from your existing tools

You can easily import checklists from spreadsheets into CxPlanner in a matter of minutes.

If you need inspiration to get started with a new checklist, our commissioning AI engine is integrated directly into the Template Center.

After adding a new template, you can collaborate with your colleagues to optimize it.

How it works

Import from
Excel spreadsheets

You can import and upload your existing data easily into your Template Center.

Collaborate with
your team

You can collaborate with your team inside the Template Center to customize your checklists.

Reuse across

All templates can automatically be reused across all of your projects to save time.


Customize and optimize everything in the Template Center to your companies needs.
See how CxPlanner can generate your Template Center

Book a meeting with Thomas T. Jarloev certified commmissioning expert and author to the book about commissioning to see how CxPlanner can help you.

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