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The power from
our AI engine

to create tests

Access to a trained generative AI engine and automate the creation of checklists and test plans.
Commissioning construction site where CxPlanner is used.
Get access to the industries leading AI
engine trained with commissioning data
Build your own template center and reuse test across projects

You can establish your own commissioning template center, enabling you to create and store customized test-scripts for different projects. By reusing these templates, you save valuable time and resources while ensuring consistency across your commissioning process.

By incorporating this AI-model into your workflow, you gain a competitive edge, allowing you to swiftly initiate any new project.

Automate the creation of your test scripts and checklists

CxPlanner's AI-engine is trained with thousands of commissioning tests from various industries and for many different system and equipment types.

Using this AI-model to optimize your own commissioning process puts you in front of your competitors, and let you hit ground running on any new project.

Our AI-engine is optimized to create test-scripts and checklists with just 2-clicks. Select the system or equipment type and then - voila - the AI-engine generates it for you.

Use AI-engine to generate commissioning tests.
How it works

Select type
of test

Select the system or equipment type you need a test-script for.

AI generates

Let the AI-engine generate the test-script for you based on your input.


Use the result directly or customize the output directly in the browser.

Use the

Save the test-script as your own template and use it across projects.
Upgrade your commissioning process with AI-tools

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