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The future of Commissioning is here! 🚀

• Written by Thomas T. Jarløv
Masterclass in commissioning

Last week, our CEO, Thomas T. Jarloev, visited Maskinmesterskolen, delivering a commissioning masterclass as part of Anne Louise Vaarby's Project Management course.

Increasing Demand for Cx Professionals

With the current demand for commissioning, there’s a need for Commissioning professionals. A part of CxPlanner's commissioning-track is to help educate and expand commissioning knowledge.

Luckily, with the current bunch of students coming out of Maskinmesterskolen, we got some bright individuals entering the commissioning industry!

Masterclass in Commissioning

The masterclass is packaged into multiple topics ranging from what, to why and of course also the how.

The first topic is always: What is the commissioning process? The students come from a wide range of different backgrounds, so scoping the commissioning process from QA, QC, etc., always leads to great discussions.

Even though the main focus is construction commissioning, we always touch on the topic of commissioning in different industries, especially the data center commissioning part.

The How-to Commissioning

As part of the lecture, there's also some homework. The homework uses real-life scenarios where the students need to perform some of the commissioning activities.

And of course, all of the Cx-activities are managed in a commissioning software - CxPlanner!

Written by Thomas T. Jarløv


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