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Commissioning construction site

The fastest
software ever built

CxPlanner is the commissioning platform that helps Cx professionals move faster and make more progress than they ever imagined
Commissioning testing

Commissioning software trusted by Cx teams globally

ACG Solutions Provider AABC Industry Partner

Goodbye Excel. Hello CxPlanner.

Built for Cx-teams who are frustrated with CxAlloy, Bluerithm, Facility Grid and Excel.
Goodbye Excel

Fly through tests and checklists twice as fast.

Never ask "what is the progress?" again.

Eliminate manual paper work once and for all.

Fly through tests and checklists twice as fast.

Checklist on mobile

Never ask "what is the progress?" again.

Analytic on mobile

Eliminate manual paper work once and for all.

Analytic on mobile

Here's how our commissioning software works

Create project

All test planning in
one software solution

Never miss a functional test again. Always be on top of your Cx team's next activity and keep track of your subcontractors work.

Commissioning test planning
Commissioning platform
Execute Checklist

Testing checklists for
PFC, FPT and Cx

Optimized checklist for all kinds of tests and inspections. No matter whether you are doing a PFC, FPT or Cx. Our commissioning software has a practical interface on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Execute Checklist

Systems, equipment
and testing tracking

The system & test view in our software gives you a detailed insight and overview across all equipment and their testing process.

Commissioning system overview
Commissioning tracking
Monitor Progress

Automated commissioning
reports and insights

Let us keep track of your project and provide you with detailed insights on everything - from punch list items to prefunctional tests.

50% better

CxPlanner saves commissioning teams more
than 50% of wasted work each year.

Less paper, More automation, Better workflows.

Research thesis evaluation commissioning solutions for verification

Research thesis evaluation commissioning solutions for verification. Savings in time showed a +50% increase, with additional benefits such as standardization and improved quality.
Read the full research article with a comparative analysis of commissioning software.

Commissioning documents
Monitor Progress

Document management
and snagging

With our commissioning software you will never miss a functional test again. Always be on top of your Cx team's next activity, and keep track of your subcontractors work.

Complete Punch-list

Punch list tracking
and overview

No matter whether there are 10 or 10.000 punch list items CxPlanner will keep track of them all and provide you with a detailed overview.

Commissioning log
Commissioning site inspections
Complete Punch-list

Site inspections
and locations

Just open the drawing or schematic as a layer while walking through the site and add observations directly on the drawing.

Commissioning software
built by Cx professionals

Workflows and tools tested in the field.
Easy, Practical, Super-Fast

Thomas T. Jarloev, CEO and founder of CxPlanner, is a commissioning professional with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

He holds multiple commissioning certifications including CxAP, CxM, and QCxP from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Thomas is also the first individual within the EU to achieve both the CxM and CxAP certifications.

Thomas is also the author to international book about commissioning, "A Practical Guide to Commissioning".

The core mindset of CxPlanner is to provide a easy, practical and super-fast commissioning software platform, where the Cx-team can use their time on actually performing Cx instead of pushing papers or managing the software.

Thomas commissioning expert

Start working faster today.

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