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Make quality-focused processes your superpower - regardless of the standards you need to meet

Make quality-focused processes your superpower

Technical handover with commissioning on mobile device.
Refreshingly simple Commissioning and Quality Assurance Platform for modern building professionals.
Make commissioning and quality your superpower. Specialized Cx checklists.
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  • Reference Tunstall
  • Reference Pihl
  • Reference Copenhagen Airports
  • Reference Milestone Project Services
  • Reference CBRE
  • Reference Sweco
  • Reference Wihlborgs
  • Reference Atcon
  • Reference Intego
  • Reference Stengel
  • Reference ISC Rådgivende Ingeniører
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CxPlanner Products

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Commissioning Process software

Run your Cx Processes like a professional

Streamline your commissioning process with our industry-leading commissioning software developed by commissioning professionals.

Using CxPlanner with a tablet

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Quality Assurance software

Quality Assurance as a performance standard

Make quality assurance a performance advantage for your company. Streamline communication, reduce errors and meet all requirements.

Perform inspections using your mobile devices and synchronize with the platform.

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Project Management software

Manage all your project activites in one place

Conquer tomorrow's tasks and stay ahead of your schedule. Collaborate seamlessly with all project participants and keep track of everything.

Use drawings as an under-layer when performing inspections.

Customer statements

Christian Beck fra ATcon A/S

The file management part makes it suddenly easy and traceable to see if our contractors have followed up on drawings and acquired the latest knowledge, that is as essential when building dynamically as many construction sites do today.

- Christian Beck, ATcon A/S
Rasmus Bjerregaard fra CH System A/S

CxPlanner is the perfect commissioning tool for testing technically complex systems and for generating the necessary related documentation.

- Rasmus Bjerregaard, CH System A/S
Jesper Krog fra Gaihede A/S

We have entered into a partnership with CxPlanner, as their tools are practical and ensure easy, efficient processes.

- Jesper Krog, Gaihede A/S
Frederik Nygaard fra Nygaard A/S

Digital tools need to be easy - and that's CxPlanner. We run a lot of projects, so the price of a digital platform is important, and this is where CxPlanner hits the spot.

- Frederik Nygaard, Nygaard A/S

Step into the future of quality processes today