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Thomas T. Jarloev

Founder & CEO at CxPlanner

Thomas Toftgaard Jarloev is a critically acclaimed author and commissioning specialist with many years of experience within the construction industry.

In the international commissioning community, Thomas is a widely recognized figure known for his dedication to both teaching and learning the details of an effective commissioning process.

  • QCxP, Qualified Commissioning Process Provider
  • CxA, Commissioning Authority
  • CxM, Commissioning Manager
  • Commissioning book author

Biography on Thomas T. Jarloev

Thomas Toftgaard Jarloev is a commissioning specialist with many years of experience within the construction industry. He holds multiple commissioning certifications including CxAP, CxM, and QCxP from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Thomas is also the first individual within the EU to achieve both the CxM and CxAP certifications.

Besides being an author to a commissioning book, he is the founder and CEO of CxPlanner, a commissioning management system. He is also the operator of, the Danish wiki on commissioning, and, which offers international commissioning software.

Thomas has an extensive professional background, having worked for national and international clients, including Novo Nordisk and A.P. Moller Maersk. He served as the Head of the department "Asset Requirements & Commissioning" at Copenhagen Airports, where he was responsible for all assets, reinvestments, and the commissioning process across the entire airport.

During his time at Copenhagen Airports, he implemented a full commissioning process, following Danish Standard DS3090 and ASHRAE G0, tailored to an airport operating 24/7. Before joining Copenhagen Airports, he worked at the consulting engineering firm Grontmij/Sweco, where he led various commissioning processes for key clients.


  • QCxP Certification, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • CxA Certification, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • CxM Certification, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • The first in Europe to achive QCxP, CxA and CxM
  • Recipient of TEKNIQ's Energiteknologpris
  • Founder of Danish Commissioning Wikipedia:
  • Author of Danish and English books about commissioning: and
  • Co-writer of the Danish Commissioning Standard (DS3090)
  • Board member of the Danish commissioning community

Previous positions

  • Copenhagen Airports, Head of Commissioning and Asset Management: Managing all of the airports commissioning and asset management.
  • Copenhagen Airports, Strategic Commissioning Manager: Implementing and standarizing the commissioning.
  • Copenhagen Airports, Commissioning Manager: Being the clients representative on all commissioning projects.
  • TTJ Consult, Commissioning advisor: Client advisor and strategist on implementing the commissioning proces into an organisation.
  • SWECO, Commissioning consultant: Being the commissioning technician and commissioning agent on various projects.


Thomas T. Jarloev is passionate about commissioning and construction. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or contact him here.