Task management

Plan, manage and track all tasks online

Structure & Overview

CxPlanner's task management system transform the activities on your project to online tasks.

Use less time on adding and managing tasks on your project. A few clicks and a new task has been created.

Collaborate with your team and track the progress across all the project activities.

Always access to your tasks across all devices and built upon the methods and structure from the commissioning process.

Filter, Search, Order

Chat & Collaborate

Communicate with your team or write a status note in the chat field.

Upload pictures directly from mobile camera into the chart.

Keep track on everything. All changes to a task is saved in the database to ensure a valid and safe history of changes.

Attach files & pictures

Mark the location of the task

The tasks are integrated with you uploaded documents. You mark the exact location of a task on floorplan/blueprint.

Choose between all the uploaded drawings and mark the location to let others find the location.

Export to PDF & XLSX

Fast editing

You can easily edit all the details attached to a task. Just open the task and perform the changes.

CxPlanner's strict project roles defines who can edit a task. But all users can write a comment.

When you edit a task the changes are saved instantly to the database.

Bulk edit many tasks

Detailed functions

Use the detailed functions for an extra layer of control.

You can require that a picture has been uploaded, before a task can be closed.

Send the task per email to all the users on the project and include a personal message.

Manage your task in a Kanban

Offline & Online

You can use CxPlanner's task management when you are offline and online.

When your network connection is down all your changes will be saved locally on your device and uploaded when your network is up again.

You can can also take pictures while you are offline.

Collaborate on your task?

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