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Quality Assurance as a performance advantage

Quality Assurance
as a performance advantage

Adgang til alle kvalitetssikrings kontrolskemaer på telefonen
The requirements for control, test and documentation in the construction industry is on the rise. The winners will be ones who can manage this new reality.
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Adgang til alle kvalitetssikrings kontrolskemaer på telefonen

Streamline the quality assurance with your collegaues and with your sub-contractors

Remove manual paperwork
Get rid of the time consuming paperwork and with pen and paper and avoid the post-processing work.
Include sub-contractors
All participants can easily access the quality assurance module and the tasks are automatically synchronized.
Dashboards & Analytics
Quickly find deficiencies and get an overview of the progress of the quality assurance with a superior overview.
Legal compliance
Be sure that you are in compliance with the legal requirements and that you have the right documentation in place.
Professional reports
Create professional reports with a few clicks and share them with your colleagues and with your customers.
Succeed on all projects
Manage all of you projects, from large to small, with a platform thats fit-to-purpose and automatically scales to the project.

Get started with CxPlanner on your projects

Everyone can easily document the quality

The design and interface is developed to support the engineers and the construction workers in the field. A core principle is you only need 3 clicks to document the quality.

Bring the platform with you everywhere - from desktops to all kind of mobile devices.

Quality assurance performed on mobile device.

Setup and manage the project on both mobile and desktop

Prepare the project from the office with your laptop or from the field with your mobile. 1-click import of Excel spreadsheets and drawings for easy setup.

All users whether they are in the office or in the field always have a real-time overview of the progress and potential issues.

Integrate with your mobile phones camera and draw on the images before saving them.

Superior overview across all issues on the project

All issues can be attached and mapped to drawings, people and companies for easy filtering and sorting and exported to PDF's and spreadsheets.

Perform the quality assurance with the views you prefer, whether it is on drawings, LEAN or smart online spreadsheets.

Access drawings anywhere on any device.

Make quality assurance your performance advantage

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