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Construction site commissioning software

Commissioning software:
Run your Cx Processes
like a professional

CxPlanner provides a modern commissioning software platform for professionals to manage every aspect of commissioning.
The Industry Leading Cx Platform
used across the world

No more legacy Excel solutions.
Modern management of commissioning with our software.

Commissioning is a critical process which has a big impact on projects. But often the commissioning teams use too much time on manual processes and working in spreadsheets.

Our commissioning software ensures you invest your time in essential commissioning activities - not copy-pasting pictures and updating spreadsheets.

With CxPlanner you can focus your time on the job, and CxPlanner then does the heavy lifting for you.

System and test view with multiple installations in a test plan.
Commissioning test på en iPhone

Easy and flexible.
Start commissioning in 1 hour.

The modern and easy interface is easy for everyone to use, and it automatically adapts to the Cx-team, the Client and the subcontractor.

When starting with CxPlanner our team makes sure, that you are up and running in less than 1 hour! And from here on and forward, you can create new projects with only 3-clicks!

You don't have to adjust to the commissioning software, the software adapts to you.

Commissioning Management System

Fits to all of your

CxPlanner fits to any project size - whether it is a small project or large complex constructions.

Every Cx standard
you need

From ASHRAE and LEED to other standards, our commissioning software accommodates every industry.

Confidence and

Provide confidence in commissioning and that you are on top of the process with our software.

Checklist with
detailed features

Gone are the needs for multiple spreadsheets - every test and their requirements are in CxPlanner.
CxPlanner used on multiple different devices.

How our software feels
Super fast.

Our commissioning software is easy to use, practical, and super fast. If you're used to getting stuck in complicated spreadsheets or old-school methods, this software is a game changer.

No more spending hours figuring things out. With CxPlanner, you can start working on your commissioning tasks in less than an hour. We've made sure it fits all kinds of projects, big or small, and it follows standards like ASHRAE and LEED.

So, whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the commissioning world, our commissioning software helps you get the job done quickly and correctly. It's all about making your work easier and more efficient. Simple as that.

Template Center.
Standardize your Cx-process.

Get access to your company's own Template Center in our commissioning software. This allows you to reuse and optimize across your different projects.

Convert your checklists from Excel and Word documents into the CxPlanner format and use them across your company.

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Commissioning template with integrations to Excel spreadsheets, AI-engine, and more.

How our commissioning software works.

CxPlanner is built on a strong foundation by industry experts, so we know the importance of getting everything up and running in no-time.

Work with 10,000's of system and equipment in the overview, and then drill down to the details of each test.

Modern interface for professionals.

Create project
Execute Checklist
Monitor Progress
Complete Punch-list
Seamless Handover
Construction site with Cx

Testing made easy.
Superior overview.

With our System & Test view you can manage all the systems and equipment on the project.

Build your asset-tree and test plan and create automated reports for the client.

Everything can then be combined into beautiful gantt charts.

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Commissioning Software System
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Book a meeting with Thomas T. Jarloev certified commmissioning expert and author to the book about commissioning to see how CxPlanner can help you.

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