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The Commissioning Process technical startup and handover

The commissioning process is a quality assurance process that documents and tests the quality of a building.
Commissioning, often abbreviated to Cx, has its origins in the shipbuilding industry, where ships are tested before going out on the ocean. This testing process has been adapted to construction projects, and commissioning is now used by private- and public-sector developers alike.
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Buidling Commissioning is often a requirement on construction projects

Commissioning is a support process intended to help everyone.

Commissioning is often perceived as a paperwork-generating hassle.
If that's the case, blame the commissioning manager! The commissioning manager's job is to ensure that the process benefits everyone involved in a construction project.
Commissioning should lead everyone towards easier technical implementation and an easier start of operation. The commissioning process is a support process!
- Thomas T. Jarløv, Founder of CxPlanner
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We've gathered information about commissioning to prepare you to handle the commissioning process—whether you're leading the process or just participating in testing.
Everyone on the team behind CxPlanner has extensive practical experience with commissioning in the Danish construction industry. We've leveraged that background to compile a complete list of the most important information about commissioning.
Commissioning is often applied tp the technical installations and facilities in construction projects, so we know that the installations have been tested and documented before handover and the start of operation.
Ever more stringent requirements for buildings, such as those from the government, LEED and like, set new standards for quality assurance - and commissioning is a powerful tool in that regard.

The book on commissioning for global commissioning process

CxPlanner is based on the standard for commissioning by ASHRAE, as well as the book "The Practical Guide to Commissioning" written by Thomas T. Jarløv.
This means that with CxPlanner, you get all the Cx tools and activities you need to manage a commissioning process from start to finish.
At the same time, we've made sure our tools are practical and easy to use, and each one has been tested on real construction projects!
International book about the commissioning process for professionals

Cx: Building commissioning

Idea and planning phase

The Cx process needs to be implemented in the earliest phases of a construction project. This is important, since Cx requirements are developed in this stage.
Often, in the early stages, the project will not be very detailed, and so the commissioning manager has extra work to do in detailing the Cx requirements. Cx workshops are often held for this purpose.

Design phases

There are multiple components to the design phases, and the level of detail of the Cx activities must be adapted to them. It is at this time that the project materials are reviewed and inspected.
In the Cx process, a tool known as a "project basis" is used. This is a specialised documentation tool for consulting engineers.


When execution begins, the contractor comes into the picture and the construction of the building starts. During this phase, the commissioning team does a lot of on-site work with the contractor.
Commissioning team specialists conduct Cx oversight and inspections. Finally, cross-disciplinary tests are carried out to document that the building complies with the Cx requirements.

Start of operation

In preparation for the start of operation, the Cx team must have tested and verified the building's installations. This includes "test-driving" the building in an operating trial, so there are no surprises at the end of the project.
Once the building is in use, it must be ensured that the operating personnel have the skills and documentation needed to operate the building.

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