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Supporting the commissioning community - Cx webinars!

ACG AABC commissioning certification stamp
• Written by Thomas T. Jarløv

– We are happy to announce that we once again are sponsor of ACG AABC commissioning webinars 👷 !

Are you ready for some more commissioning knowledge? Then read on!

  1. What is ACG AABC Commissioning
  2. Commissioning webinars
  3. Commissioning Trifecta - Building Envelope Commissioning
  4. Interpreting Electrical Commissioning Requirements of Current
  5. Get access to the commissioning webinars

What is ACG AABC Commissioning

The AABC Commissioning Group (ACG) is a non-profit association with commissioning as a focus area. The association is dedicated to educating and improving third-party commissioning professionals.

The goal by improving third-party is excatly as described in the international commissioning standards such as ASHRAE Standard 202, where the commissioning team must be a third-party.

Besides providing educational material ACG also provides commissioning certifications.

Read more about ACG AABC here.

Commissioning webinars

ACG normally hold around 6 very interesting commissioning webinars each year. Each webinar is giving 1 CEU's.

We at CxPlanner are participating in the webinars!

Webinar: Commissioning Trifecta - Building Envelope Commissioning

Building Envelope Comissioning webinar poster

The first webinar which we were the sponsor for, was "Specifying the Commissioning Trifecta - Why and How to Specify Building Envelope Commissioning" with Melissa Payne BECxP, CxA-BE, CDT.

The webinar covered the why and how to perform commissioning on the building enclosure - with alot of examples!

Furthermore a good discussion of the various relevant standards: ASTM E2813, ASTM E2947, ASHRAE 202, NIBS Guideline 3, ISO 17024, and ICC code.

If you have any interest in Building Enclosure Commissioning then this is an essential webinar to watch!

Webinar: Interpreting Electrical Commissioning Requirements of Current

Electrical commissioning requirements of IEEC and LEED v4 webinar poster

The second webinar which we could sponsor is "Interpreting Electrical Commissioning Requirements of Current Guidelines IECC and LEEDv4" by Jesse Felter.

Electrical commissioning requirements are often determined by guidelines and standards. How those guidelines and standards may be interpreted differently by both the Client and commissioning provider (CxP).

Get an insight into the current IECC electrical requirements and the LEEDv4 electrical requirements with this webinar!

Get access to the commissioning webinars

You can find all the webinars for 2022 on ACG AABC commissioning webinar page.

To either live stream or watch the webinars on demand you need to be a member of ACG AABC, AABC or EMA.

Written by Thomas T. Jarløv


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