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Denmark, Brazil and CxPlanner

From Denmark to Brazil - commissioning is a tool used around the globe to ensure that our construction projects fulfils the owners requirements.

Yesterday afternoon/evening (depending on the timezone) we had a meeting with Ricardo Fornari and his competent team of Cx specialists from the company Deerns in Brazil.

Besides a presentation of CxPlanner, we also had many great talks about the commissioning process - even though we are located across the globe our commissioning process still uses the same principles - plan, verify, documentation!

If you want to get started with international commissioning, then have a look at ASHRAE Guideline 0 and ASHRAE Standard 202. If you want to learn "how to do" commissioning, then wait 2 weeks for the launch of the book "A Practical Guide to the Commissioning process"

CxPlanner in Brazil

See more at: LinkedIn - CxPlanner.

Thomas Toftgaard Jarløv
- Cx Planner, Founder & CEO