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New features - optimized review

Hurray Hurray Hurray!!

We have collected 4 of the new features in this blogpost. We are very happy to announce, that our review-module now takes a screenshot of the document, which are making comments in.

This features makes it much easier to share the commissioning review report with the other parties, since you can just send a PDF review report. The PDF review report will contain all of your comments and screenshots of the construction documents.

Review and screenshots

When you are performing an online review in PDF files or 3D models, we will capture a screenshot of your review comment. Then when you are exporting your review to a PDF Review report, an image of the comments location will be attached.

Task table view

The sorting function in the table view has been improved - now the values are available in a dropdown menu, so you easily can select them. Futhermore our technology ensures the same speed when having 10 or 10.000 tasks to sort in.

Assign to a company

Another new feature is that you can assign a task to a company. This is an addition to assigning a task to a person. If you assign a task to CompanyA, then users from CompanyA can change the person assigned, so the right person from their company is assigned.

Test overview and new tabs

We are testing a new opening method in the Test overview. On desktops the test paradigms will open in a new tab, while on mobile devices the test paradigm will open normally.

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Thomas Toftgaard Jarløv
- Cx Planner, Founder & CEO


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