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Cx Planner & AABC - Webinar

HyperScale Data Center Commissioning and Construction

Last week we were proud to be the sponsor for a interesting webinar.

The webinar was around commissioning of data centers - which is highly required due to the many requirements for data centers.

The webinar was held at the 12th of November - but dont worry if you missed it - it will be available at AABC's website shortly.

What was the webinar about?

The session brought together experts from some of the industry heavyweights like Facebook and Microsoft - which using a lot of data centers.

The learning objectives of the session was:

  • What qualifications data center owners look for in Cx providers
  • How data center Cx has evolved
  • What data center design and construction changes might be on the horizon
  • The challenges to delivering more efficient data centers
AABC webinar invitation

If you are just getting started with commissioning of data centers, then you might want some more stuff to read - while you wait for the offline version of the webinar.

A general note you should be looking for is the Tier Certification, which has some similarities - but it's not the same.

For a start you can read the A quick guide to data center commissioning by Robert McFarlane

Another great read is Data center commissioning: Seven steps to success by Paul Popili, which goes through a 7-step article - from planning to integrated system testing.

Thomas Toftgaard Jarløv
- Cx Planner


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