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Is it time for a Pre-test?


The consultant and the contractor needs to test their installations across disciplines before the final Cx-test.

When testen across disciplines (the integration between e.g. ventilation and BMS) the OPR is verified.

Responsible for a test

It is now possible in Cx Planner to assign a test paradigm to a specific project user. That means, that a member in the Cx Team can develop a Pre-test paradigme, where consultant X is set as the responsible person.

Now consultant X will have access to this test paradigm - and have the responsibility for performing the test.

Responsbile for a test item

A little extra feature: It is now possible to assign specific project users to specific test items.

This can bring value to the project, when more than 1 person is needed for verification activities within a test paradigm.

It could be the verification of the location of firedampers, where person Y is responsible, while person Z is set as responsbile for verification of tag-numbers.

Collaboration in the project

The new "responsibl"-feature opens up for more collaboration in Cx Planner and gives more possibilites for verification of your installations.

It only requires 2 click to assign a person to a test!

Responsible for a test paradigm

You can read more about Pre-test here (Danish) CxWiki - Pre-test and in the book (English) A Practical Guide to the Commissioning process - we at Cx Planner are also always ready to help you.

Thomas Toftgaard Jarløv
- Cx Planner