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3D: 90% faster

90% faster loading + combine all your IFC models.

Combine your IFC models

Combine all your IFC models and activate the layers you need:

  • 1) Select the IFC models you want to combine
  • 2) Click on “Combine 3D”
  • 3) Navigate in a combined 3D-model
  • 4) Activate/Deactive the individual layers in the 3D-model

90% faster

Our optimized 3D-framework and compression algoritme compresses the 3D-model from 400 MB to 35 MB (90% less) with loss in data, quality or view.

The small size makes it extremely fast to load, and the compression-algoritmes use of binary code ensures lightning fast navigation.

IFC 3D-models
Thomas Toftgaard Jarløv
- Cx Planner