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New partner in Cx Planner

Welcome to Jens Christian

Welcome to Jens Christian Jensen as a new partner in Cx Planner!

Jens Christian has in no time learned all features in Cx Planner, and how to customize the application to all kind of needs - construction management, site-inspection, commissioning and test.

With "JC" on the team, we'll have a strong profile to help with education, training, support and sales. He will during the next time train new users in Cx Planner, so they'll get the full benefit of all the features - do you also want to start using Cx Planner? Then just send an email to

We are looking forward to widen the knowledge to Cx Planner in the coming year, and we are excited to announce our new CFO shortly.

/Thomas T. Jarløv - Cx Planner

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