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Cx Progress Reports

The Cx Progress Reports are written documents detailing the activities completed as part of the Cx process and significant findings.

They shall inform the Owner about the current status of the Cx process, and warn the Owner about problems.

Cx Manager has implemented Cx Progress Reports with a double functionality. They do include detailed written status with are combined with a visual identifier. The identifier helps the owner to immediately spot, if there's a critical path.

Within the progress reports it is possible to add Stickers. These are activites derived from the status.

It is possible to export all of the Cx Progress Reports to Excel or to print them to a PDF.


The screenshot below shows 2 example projects. The top project is Good, which also can be seen on the green tick. The second project has Problems, which can be seen on the yellow exclamation mark.

Below each project name a weekly description is shown.

Cx Progress Reports