Files & Annotations

All files online with version control

Speed and control

Working with files in the cloud speed is essential. Therefore CxPlanner uses an optimized webserver with fast transfer speed.

Another important thing is version control. Each file is tagged in the database with a unique identifier and all versions will be stores and are accessible for download. 100% compliance with the Systems Manual.

Add a single or multiple files by selecting them or using the built in drag and drop functionality. When clicking upload you can track the progress.

Review & Annotate

Online annotations

The integrated review & annotation module let's you check your files online and make notes in them.

You can make as many notes as you like. All notes will also be available in the task overview for. Make sure that each file is in compliance with your requirements.

The designer can see all comments and respond to them. When you are satisfied with the comment you can approve the answer.

Fast workflow

File versions

CxPlanner keeps track of all the versions of your files.

To upload a new version you can either upload a file with the same name or open the details-menu and upload a file.

All versions uploaded are saved in the database and available to download. It is possible to specify the exact version to download.

Responsive design

Dynamic updating

Everything is updated in real-time and works like your local drive.

Open the details-menu to see all the file details.

Move a file between folders by selecting another folder name, and the file is moved automatic.

Download files

User management

A detailed user management menu gives you access to specifying the users access: None, Read or Write.

You easily change the users access by utilizing the features from Excel - just choose a value and drag the value across.

When a user has No-access the user cannot open the folder. When the user has Read-access the user can see the content. While Write-access lets the user upload files.

Ready for file management?

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