3D BIM viewer

Free fast 3D BIM viewer

Fast and reliable 3D

Our optimized 3D BIM viewer is using highly optimized algorithms to improve the rendering speed of our 3D models.

When using our 3D BIM viewer we optimize your IFC models size with up to 95% (e.g. from file size 200MB to 10MB). This makes the model quick to load on mobile and desktop.

You are having full control of your models and can use all of our 3D tools for free. An you can perform the commissioning design review directly in the model.

Walk in the model with FPS

3D toolkit

All of our 3D tools is complete free to use. We believe in 3D and want to enable everyone to use 3D models.

You can use our clipping tool where your can "clip" the model. Simply just click somewhere on the model and start scrolling.

If you need detailed info about the objects you are seeing, then just click on the object to view the details.

Control the 3D objects

Combine multiple models

It is often needed to combine multiple IFC models into 1 single model. CxPlanner does that for you!

Choose the models you want to view at the same time and select "Combine".

When viewing multiple models at the same time, it is still possible to activate or deactivate a specific model in the sidebar.

Dynamic 2D blueprints

Make annotations

Add annotations directly in the 3D BIM model. Mark the location and add a task.

When you add a new task a picture of the exact location will be saved, so you easily can generate PDF reports containing all the annotations and comments from the model.

All tasks are integrated into CxPlanner task management system.

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