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Video about Cx Planner

Commissioning, Quality Assurance, Site visit, Projectweb, review, File sharing, Bidding, 3D models and much more.

Cx Planner was developed with a focus on commissioning with 3 keywords: management, quality and structure. We now have the 3 keywords spread out to the rest of the tools used on construction projects.

With Cx Planner, you therefore get all actors involved in the construction project covered, and the tools ensure a controlled and structured process, where quality is also ensured! A solution that manages the construction project from start to finish and into operation.

Commissioning module

We have made a small video of the platform where we talk about our commissioning module. The video shows some of the basic features that can be used on construction projects.

The principles of the commissioning module are repeated in all our modules. Watch the video below :)

ASHRAE G0 and ASHRAE Std 202

Commissioning is a quality management process that verifies, documents and tests that a building meets the owners's requirements.

The requirements for commissioning are described in ASHRAE Guideline 0 and ASHRAE Standard 202. Therefore, our commissioning module contains all the tools and documents described in these.

In addition, the commissioning module also contains all the extra tools and workflows described in the Danish book on commissioning: Guide to commissioning in practice.

This means that you always have the right tools and documentation - whether you perform commissioning of 100,000m2 or just a hot water tank.

Integration for construction management

Commissioning has many ties to the rest of the construction project, which is why it is also incredibly important that it becomes an integrated process.

The construction manager, who is responsible for managing the construction, is often one of the closest partners. When planning a test, pretest or commissioning test, it will often be done in consultation, so that it will be included in the execution schedule.

Therefore, Cx Planner also has integrated construction management and quality assurance modules, where all the other parties from the construction can manage their deliveries.

For a more in-depth introduction to the module, please contact us at

Thomas Toftgaard Jarløv
- Cx Planner


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