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Commissioning community on sightseeing in Denmark

• Written by Thomas T. Jarløv
Commissioning ERFA netværk på Vandkulturhuset

The Danish Commissioning Network

A thrilling day filled with commissioning excitement! We gathered at the Danish Commissioning Network, known as Cx ERFA, for our 3rd annual meeting 🏗️. This network has been thriving for 7.5 years, and it continues to attract participants from across the industry.

The most remarkable aspect of our network is its diversity, as it brings together representatives from various sectors, including property owners, consultants, contractors, and IT professionals. Despite our varied backgrounds, we all share a common objective: to promote commissioning and make it easily accessible to everyone! 🏗️👏

Exploring the Vandkulturhuset on Papirøen

The day kicked off with an exhilarating tour of the construction site for the new Vandkulturhus (Water Culture House) on Papirøen. This tour was expertly arranged by Habib and Julian from MT Højgaard Danmark. We had the opportunity to marvel at the innovative design, including swimming pools, intricate technical installations, and even heated stones!

What's New in Commissioning

In addition to the site visit, our discussions delved into various commissioning topics, including:

  • The Upcoming ISO Standard for Commissioning
  • Exciting insights were shared about the development of a forthcoming ISO standard dedicated to commissioning.
  • Commissioning vs. Commissioning Process
  • There was a spirited debate on the distinction between commissioning and commissioning processes, with a consensus leaning towards the latter being the preferred approach 😉.
  • FAT, SAT, and SIT Testing, and Its Connection to Building Regulations
  • We explored the intricacies of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), and System Integration Testing (SIT), along with their implications for compliance with building regulations.
  • Commissioning in Norway
  • Insights into commissioning practices in Norway were shared, providing a valuable perspective from a neighboring country.

As we reflect on our 3rd annual meeting at Cx ERFA, we are excited about the growing interest and enthusiasm surrounding commissioning. With the promise of an ISO standard on the horizon and ongoing discussions about best practices, the future of commissioning in Denmark looks brighter than ever. We eagerly anticipate continued collaboration and knowledge-sharing within our network to advance the field of commissioning in the years to come.

Written by Thomas T. Jarløv