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How CxPlanner stays GDPR-compliant

Our team has dedicated significant efforts to ensure that CxPlanner fully complies with GDPR regulations. Safeguarding your privacy is our utmost priority, and we have taken extensive measures to ensure that our company and services align with GDPR standards.

To ensure a high level of personal data protection, we have implemented the necessary documentation and GDPR-compliant technical and organizational measures. For detailed information on how we handle and safeguard personal data in accordance with data protection laws and industry best practices, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy, Security Statement, and Cookie Policy.

To meet GDPR requirements and demonstrate our commitment to data privacy and security, we offer a Data Processing Addendum (DPA). This DPA, which now forms an integral part of our Terms of Use, reflects our adherence to GDPR regulations. By agreeing to our Terms of Use, you automatically agree to our DPA as well.

In order to provide you with the highest-quality, we collaborate with carefully selected sub-processors. As mandated by GDPR, we have included a list of our sub-processors in our DPA.

To ensure the security of data protection and processing, our services are hosted by a trusted and certified data storage center located within the European Union. Our data center service provider adheres to rigorous security measures and possesses an ISO 27001 certificate for information storage security. Rest assured, your data and the data of your subscribers are secure with us.

As a data controller striving for GDPR compliance, you can effectively manage your subscribers' data using our GDPR-friendly tools. These tools facilitate the fulfillment of data subjects' requests, including but not limited to the right to data portability, access, and erasure.

If you have any inquiries regarding data protection, please don't hesitate to contact us at