Status reports

Status reports consists of 2 main elements: Reporting and Stickers. Both are tools used to track the project's progress.

Using the navigation in the sidebar gives you access to main view. By clicking on the project names within this view, you can access the project specific details.


The reports are used to give the current status of the project's progress. Each report is defined within 3 status: Good, Problem and Critical.

The reports can used to inform boards or program directors of the progress of multiple projects.


Stickers has a background within the LEAN concept. Each sticker are assigned a category, e.g. "Learning". The stickers needs to be closed manually and a solution needs to be provided.


You can show the reports for last 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, etc. It is not possible to sort the stickers, which always will be visible if they are open.


You can export the reports and stickers to Excel files (XLSX).

Status report

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