Test paradigm

Cx Planner provides a structured but flexible way of managing your tests. Inside a test paradigm it is possible to rearrange (drag and drop) the test items, edit the description, etc. The test paradigms are also optimized for use on mobile devices, check out this video to see how.

To learn more about the testoverview, check out this video tutorial

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How to use a test paradigm

The testparadigms

All test paradigms can be adapted to the individual test with a test procedure, the specific assumptions and test elements. Test according to the Danish Building Regulations are available as templates that can be imported automatically. All users / companies can create test templates (private or shared) that can be imported.

Errors / Failures

All errors and faults from the tests can be found under "Test observations" at the bottom.


Test paradigms are added in the testoverview. All data from test paradigms: the number of prerequisites, test elements, and observations are automatically transferred to the testoverview. It is therefore possible to get a full real-time overview of all the tests in the testoverview.

To lean more about the testoverview, follow this link

How to add new test paradigms

Tutorial project

Test elements can be added individually or in bulk mode (many at the same time). If you already have your test items listed in an Excel or Word file, you can copy them into the bulk adding. They must be specified with a subject and test description.

If the elements are a prerequisite for the test to be performed, they will be marked with a red flag.

There are pre-defined test paradigms which you can import with one click. All users can create their own test templates, that can be imported. It is possible to make the test templates visible to:

  • 1) Only you,
  • 2) All in your company,
  • 3) Public in Cx Planner (needs to be reviewed by Cx Planner staff)
Tutorial project

Overview and statistics

At the top of each test paradigm, basic information can be specified. It is also here that the number of approved and failed tests is specified.

If you need to describe the test procedure in details, there are test description field.

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Test items

These are test elements that are being reviewed during the test. All test elements can be moved up and down dynamically by dragging them.

When a test item is OK, it will be highlighted with green while a failed test element will turn red. When a test element fails, it is possible to customize the text for a test observations, which describe in detail the error. If you choose not to customize the text, the test items' name will be inserted as the observations name.

Tutorial project

Export and print

At the top of test paradigm, you can export and print it with 1 click.

Test paradigm on a mobile

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