Cx Planner provides a structured but flexible way of managing your tests. The testoverview has an overview of all your test paradigm and the number failed and successful tests.

You can assign different test, dates and colors next to each test paradigm. You can rearrange the order of tests by drag and dropping them.

The name of the headings in testoverview can be changed in the settings. It is also possible to add more headings or hide the current active.

It is possible to add a single test paradigm at the time or to bulk import multiple at the same time.

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Working with the testoverview


1) The testoverview is not a standard Commissioning tool, but it is a smart planning tool, which can be used by the contractor in cooperation with the Cx team. A smooth implementation can be done by making an OPR (Cx requirement) which specifies, that the consultant shall develop a list of all installations (aka the testoverview).

2) Another OPR shall specify, that the contractor shall use the testoverview actively in planning the tests with the Cx team. When integrating the testoverview into the contractors toolbox, the Cx team is getting an insight view into the contractors planning and the status of tests for each installation.

3) It is recommended that the Cx team "owns" the testoverview. Therefore it is the Cx team who is updating and maintaining the master testoverview, but with the inputs from the contractor. In some cases the testoverview can replace the normal Cx log.


Each week the fields should be updated with expected dates with the sub-contractors and mark finished and approved activities with green, active items with yellow and failed with red.

By keeping constant monitoring on the items, you can use the Test overview as a progress report for the Project manager and the Contractor.

On some projects our Contractors prefer to work with spreadsheets, therefore there is a seamless integration with Excel spreadsheets. The testoverview can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet file. Click the export button.

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