Commissioning information

What is Commissioning

The Commissioning process is a quality orientated process used to verify, document and test, that a building fulfill the owners requirements. The process originates from the shipping and aircraft industry, where any mistake can be deadly. Modern buildings complexity are increasing, which requires a high level of cross integration between all the involved parties. Commissioning is used to verify, that all these connections are correct.

One of the most important focuses is to find and locate mistakes as early as possible, due to it is cheaper to change something in the project documents versus after construction.

Software based Commissioning

It is common practice to use Excel-spreadsheets to handle the Commissioning process - primarily the Commissioning log. Excel-spreadsheets work, but they have multiple limitations.
Software based Commissioning optimize the whole Commissioning process from the pre-design phase and into the operation phase. Having all the tools (OPR, log, BOD, review, site-visit, etc.) in an online database, opens up for a smoother and collaborative process, with a clear and valid historic.

The users

Cx Planner is built as a fully functional platform solution, which can be used by the Cx leader, owner, O&M personal, consultant and contractor. It is also possible for only the Cx team to use Cx Planner with no external users. If external users needs data, then it is always possible to export the tasks to a Excel-spreadsheet with 2 mouse clicks.

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