Commissioning is a quality orientated process with various tools to verify, that a product (normally a construction) fulfils the owner's requirements.
Commissioning is used within the ship, medical and flight industry, and many of the principles are also used within software development.

Cx Planner 's main developer is also the founder of the danish wikipedia for Commissioning, This page contains descriptions and step-by-step instructions to perform the Commissioning process.

Commissioning features

All Commissioning processes are different, but the main tools stay the same. Cx Planner provides these tools, but with a flexibility, which allow the end user to adapt the tools to a the specific process.

Commissioning tools:

There is no strict way on how you can use the Commissioning tools, but the "normal" flow with the tools are shown below.

As shown below there is a "Review" box. Cx Planner is build around the "Log", you should therefore insert your review comments into the log.

If you have any questions regarding how to use the tools, feel free to contact me.

Cx process

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